About Us

CPC Corporation Limited is a commercial shipping logistics provider Tglobal trade organization having its roots in forming partnerships with those who need logistical solution to move commodity such as Oil & Gas, Mines & Minerals naturally produced by the earth. Spreading its horizons in the domain of gases and mines & minerals, CPC Corporation Limited has embarked on a mission to play an active role towards improving the ease of doing business while considerably reducing the cost of conducting business across verticals and geographic locations.

Our Vision

To be recognized as most preferred shipping providers in the growing maritime industry across the region.

Our Mission

To provide the most competitive advantage to our customers by offering reliable and superior global shipping services.


Capt Deepak Jethwani, Master Mariner by profession, has sailing experience of more than 15 years, worked in various capacities on board including his extensive command experience and served with various types of trade vessels sailing across the seas calling Indian, and other Foreign Ports. He has over 10 years of experience of working and managing various companies wherein he involved in different industries; ranging from shipping, logistic support to trading. He has scripted success in every endeavor he made, defying age & experience in his favor.

In the year 2016, He founded CPC Corporation Limited where the core activities of the company are mainly focused on providing timely/voyage chartering, post fixtures services and commercial management of tanker vessels. After concluding success in the tanker division, the company moved into voyage chartering and commercial management of dry vessels and continuously expanding its activities in the market.

He is fond of constantly overseeing vessel owning division, commercial and operations. His extensive entrepreneurial experience, including hands-on involvement with ship owning, chartering and ship management have been his edge to build a commercial network globally for the company. He is dedicated to uphold and pursue the vision of the company, which is to be the dominant provider in the shipping market across the region. His aim is to give opportunity to maximum number of capable and willing employees to serve the community and industry.

Bhavna Jethwani

Bhavna Jethwani, Director of CPC, who is ultimately responsible for optimizing performance, investment objectives, approving significant items of expenditure and consideration of significant financing of the company. She is fully in charge of the strategy and execution of these businesses - setting direction and enabling rapid client adoption.
Through her years of experience and resilience, she was able to attain specialization on managing owned, co-owned, and chartered vessels of the company. She is highly driven by deep-rooted passion to help the organization succeed in its objectives by committing herself to ensure that tasks on board / in the company was timely executed and well performed.

With her presence in the company, she is capable to bring forward positive change to CPC and Boosts Company’s and crews morale that she was supervising. She is very open to hear about new opportunities that would provide a strategic opportunity to advance company’s careers. Her knowledge of these industries is both wide and deep.

Our Team Board

  • Capt. Annkit Agarwal
    Vice President - Tanker Chartering
  • Denzil Cyril Nashcarr
    Tanker Chartering Manager
  • Capt. Savio Dcosta
    Marine Superintendent
  • Manak Kumar
    Technical Manager
  • Sanjay Sinha
    HSEQ Manager
  • Vishwajeet Singh
    Operations Manager
  • Ashwani Sehgal
    Operations Associate
  • Maxhyl Fabrigas
    Procurement Manager
  • Maribel Mendoza
    Accounts Manager
  • Judith Tolentino
    Executive Secretary
  • Muhammad Jamil
    Dry Chartering Executive
  • Jibin Thomas
    Dry Chartering Executive