CPC Hongkong Corporation Limited
At A Glance

CPC Hongkong Corporation Limited has been an established company since 2016, whose headquarters is situated in Kwun Tong, Hongkong.
Headed by experienced and knowledgeable mariners and business-ordained individuals, we focus on providing unique logistics and chartering solutions to our clients. We always make sure exactly what our clients need before we lay our pitches.



We at CPC Hongkong Corporation LTD act in accordance to our values and we make sure to keep our words. We make an effort to always do the right thing in all our business transactions.


While we value providing service in a timely manner, we make sure we do not compromise the quality of our service. We take our service quality in high regard to keep our clients gratified and ready for the next contract.


We commit to deliver to our clients. We commit to our values as a company. We commit to the advancement of our customs not only on customer satisfaction but towards the satisfaction of our own people, our team, our workforces.

About Us

Since the launching of CPC Hongkong, it has significantly expanded from dealing with Asia Pacific companies to being able to reach out to globally known service providers and group of clienteles. We operate in local and international shipping routes with 4 commercially controlled and operated vessels.

Our Vision

To make a difference and to be one of the top and globally recognized shipping and chartering service provider that is true to its core values.

Our Mission

To use our team’s enhanced and accrued professional knowledge in refining consumers’ experience and providing a remarkable end to end shipping and other transportation services.


We are led by our CEO who is a Mariner by profession. Having been in charge of many types of trade vessels, from Oil Tankers to Chemical Tankers to Dry Bulk Carriers and many more, he knows how to manage and oversee them all. The CEO used his sailing experience and expertise of almost 2 decades in the Indian and Foreign ports and CPC Hongkong was established and the company has been successful ever since.

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Keeping pace with the fast-evolving world, we at CPC Hongkong have been broadening and developing our portfolio and the scope of activities in response to the needs of our clients. After gaining considerable expertise in petroleum and petroleum products shipments, CPC Hongkong has now become a well-known name in the commercial shipping solutions for gas and minerals.

Building on the proven track record and leading edge in the field of petroleum and petroleum products, CPC Hongkong went on to gain a significant position in the commercial shipping solutions in the supply chain business of Ammonia, LPG, Bitumen, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil, Base Oil, Sulphur, Cement Clinker, Gypsum, Limestone, Steel, Aluminum, Manganese, etc. from all over the Middle East and South East Asia.

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Being able to commercially control various types of vessels, the company was able to carry cargoes all over the world. We cater to clients who need Oil Tankers, Dry Bulk Carriers, Gas carriers, Chemical Tankers, and General Cargo Carriers.


Our controlled vessels, are maintained to meet our high standards by our specialists to sustain greater efficiency and commercial success without compromising the safter of our crews onboard and the quality of the service we will provide.

Our scope of activities and portfolio has been developed to keep up with the fast-paced Maritime industry. We have also gained expertise in Petroleum and its products’ shipment. We are now an established name for providing commercial shipping solutions dealing with gas and minerals.



Our Clients