About Us

Since the launching of CPC Hongkong, it has significantly expanded from dealing with Asia Pacific companies to being able to reach out to globally known service providers and group of clienteles. We operate in local and international shipping routes with commercially controlled and operated vessels.

We provide a vast range of chartering and transportation services across the globe. While we keep in mind our goal to expand business, we still concentrate on considerably diminishing the costs of transactions without compromising the quality of our service.

CPC Hongkong considers its clients to be of great value in the credence that they are the backbone of the business. We strive to make a difference not only in the Maritime industry but also in extensive allied industries our clients deal with. We do our best to deliver and to exceed client expectations by acting in accordance to our mission and core values.

Our Vision

To make a difference and to be one of the top and globally recognized shipping and chartering service provider that is true to its core values.

Our Mission

To use our team’s enhanced and accrued professional knowledge in refining consumers’ experience and providing a remarkable end to end shipping and other transportation services.


We are led by our CEO who is a Mariner by profession. Having been in charge of many types of trade vessels, from Oil Tankers to Chemical Tankers to Dry Bulk Carriers and many more, he knows how to manage and oversee them all. The CEO used his sailing experience and expertise of almost 2 decades in the Indian and Foreign ports and CPC Hongkong was established and the company has been successful ever since.

Our Founder also has 10 years of experience working on and managing various companies involved in different industries such as shipping, logistic support, and trading.

CPC Hongkong Corporation Limited was built focusing on 3 work principles namely: Integrity, Quality, and Commitment. His journey in building and leading the company gave opportunities to competent individuals who shares the same values he believed in. 

The CEO’S passion towards overseeing vessel owning divisions, commercial shipping and operations only grew through time and his massive expertise in entrepreneurship, including hands-on involvement in ship owning, chartering and ship management has worked to his advantage to build a large-scale network for the company globally.

Our Founder is devoted to pursuing the vision of the company, which is to make a difference and to be one of the top and globally recognized shipping and chartering service provider that is true to its core values and work ethics.


Through years of experience, our Director, was able to excel in managing the commercially controlled vessels of the company. She oversees the overall performance of the company and its team, from investment objectives down to the smallest details of financing.

The Director’s presence and passion drive us all to perform our tasks timely and make sure that everything from giving out proposals to clearing are well executed, all the while exuding positivity to everyone and boosting morale. She sets the direction of the company, enabling it to make an impact not only in shipping and chartering but also in expanding the company’s network across allied industries.

The frontrunner believes in putting the clients’ first before making business. With her remote connections and a network of resources, she is able to bring to the table unique and relevant solutions to our clients, enabling us to exceed their expectations for the greater good of business on both sides.

This leader values integrity at its highest form, in the confidence that it will bring great results for the company and its employees in the future. The Director is an epitome of success as she is one of the main reasons for the company’s accomplishments at this very moment.

By upholding to our work ethics and vision, she is driven and confident that the company will conquer not only the international shipping and maritime transport scene, but also the global Maritime industry.