Our controlled vessels, are maintained to meet our high standards by our specialists to sustain greater efficiency and commercial success without compromising the safter of our crews onboard and the quality of the service we will provide.

Our scope of activities and portfolio has been developed to keep up with the fast-paced Maritime industry. We have also gained expertise in Petroleum and its products’ shipment. We are now an established name for providing commercial shipping solutions dealing with gas and minerals.

We have built a strong business portfolio and track record that yielded stable revenue despite the effects of the current pandemic on the shipping industry market. We are able to withstand any difficulties that came our way and move forward even stronger.

We have fulfilled our professional and social obligations with our clients and within our peers. We continue to work hard every day until we stand tall as one of the top shipping companies recognized globally.

CPC Hongkong makes sure that clients are provided world class shipping and chartering solutions and the cargoes are taken to their destinations carefully and arrive at the best condition possible.

Forthcoming Projects…

At the moment, CPC Hongkong is in the process of widening our network in the Middle East, aiming to extend our capacity and enabling us to deliver integrated logistical solutions to customers requiring premium services in the GCC. 

In the last 10 years that have passed, the Maritime Finance Market of UAE has seen growing number of activities within shipping and chartering. These sectors are key enablers for economic and social growth of a company in any zone. Thus, with our efforts in developing more strategies and expanding our business in the Middle East region, we have started to make a name as a globally recognized professionals in the Middle East shipping, logistics, and chartering market.

We have supported and serviced some of the leading companies in Petroleum and petroleum products. We make sure that we have the best services, including highly competitive operational costs, port costs, fuel costs, the man power required.

We plan to continue to develop and expand our scope to be able to generate more career opportunities, and with our work ethics in mind, be able to complete and go beyond our mission and credibly pursue more elaborate and greater voyages in the future.